Prophetic Word
by  Christine Smith


for June

A Time to Reset and Renew!


There is healing in the land, because I have placed healing in your hearts. Do not allow the enemy to steal what I have given you.


What was done at Calvary's cross still and always will cover you! It is time to reset. It is time to renew.


The past is the past, so leave it there. Let the distant memories of all heartache and pain to remain buried.


I have come to give you life, and life more abundantly. It is time for the renewing of hearts and souls.


Stand on my every promise. My word comes to pass when spoken out of your mouth by faith. Due season always comes. It is time to reset! It is time to renew!


Be encouraged! Be expectant!


for May

Rejoice Evermore


"Let it be a day to rejoice, says the Lord. Rejoice for your healing, rejoice for your blessing, rejoice over your family, rejoice for this day and for tomorrow. As you offer up cheerful rejoicing, good things will be attracted to you."



Yahweh knows that a cheerful approach changes things! It helps you overcome tough times. Cheerfulness also makes people like being around you. It offers others encouragement and strength by brightening up the whole atmosphere. When you rejoice and are cheerful, it is exactly the opposite of everything the devil is. When you rejoice, the devil just cannot hang around! Without him hanging around, you open the way for good things to be attracted to you.


So go ahead and be cheerful today. Rejoice and rejoice evermore!

I Thessalonians 5:16



Be Encouraged! Be Expectant!



for April

The Risen Christ


I AM the Risen Christ,

I AM the Risen Christ Indeed!

Are you one that is convinced?

That one who will believe?

That I was dead and buried

Do you know this to be true?

Do you know that I rose from the dead?

And I did it all for you!

Do you understand my story?

For in it is my Glory!

I came to give you life;

And life more abundantly

For I Am the way and the light and the life

Yes, I am what you need!

For I AM the Risen Christ,

I Am the Risen Christ Indeed!


Saints, you are my Beloved!


for March

March Forward.....Take Your Land


"I have called you to root out that which prevents the move of my Spirit across your land. Root out the strongholds and plant the crop of righteousness with the decree of your mouth"


We the church can decree and speak over our land through the Spirit of prayer. We can root out things preventing the move of God and plant seeds of righteousness. We can help plow the way for revival over our cities and nations with our decrees. Every believer can help prosper the word of God's Kingdom by speaking in their own prayer times.


Jeremiah 1:10 says, See, I have this day set you over the nations and over Kingdoms to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, to throw down, to build, and to plant.


So let us do our part in this hour. It is time to march forward...take your land!


Be encouraged....Be expectant!