Youth Ministry

Denise has taught children and youth for over 15 years. Her heart for empowering others to be all that YHWH (God) intended them to be is a passion that motivates her. As a mentor and guide, she arouses and ignites a hunger for learning one's purpose while on this earth. She brings insight and fun when applying the Word of YHWH (God) to life's situations by conveying the love that YHWH (God) has for his people.

Women's Ministry

Womens Ministry

At the Table

At the Table are discussions that motivate, empower, and encourage Women to apply Kingdom principles in their daily lives.


Weekly Inspirations

Chanel Smith

Chanel's heart for YHWH (God) has provided her with opportunities to minister to the Body of Christ through weekly inspirations based on biblical principles.

Prophetic Ministry

Prophetic Ark Ministry

Christine Smith

Christine has been a born-again believer for over thirty-five years. Her passion for prayer and prophecy has fueled her faith in YHWH (God) and has propelled her deeper into revelatory ministry (dreams, visions, and prophecy). Her love for YHWH (God) and her desire to please him has provided the opportunity for her to become an intercessory prayer counselor for Cornerstone Television Network, a Christian station located in Wall, Pennsylvania for over five years. Since then she continues to pray and intecedes for others using her revelatory gifts to convey the heart of Father (God).

Men's Ministry


Vincent Little Sr.

As an ordained minister, Vincent has been teaching and preaching the Word of YHWH (God) for over 14 years. His love of YHWH (God) has ignited a passion to lead others to Christ especially men and to see them healed, delivered, and walking in wisdom and integrity as leaders in the Kingdom of (YHWH) God.

Bible Study

Principles & Precepts for Kingdom Living

Inspired by the Spirit of YHWH (God), line upon line, precept upon precept, Vincent digs out the truth of the Word of YHWH (God) helping others to grasps biblical concepts for life application.

Prayer Ministry

Boots On The Ground

Intercessory Prayer

As watchmen (Intercessors) on the wall, one of the mandates that YHWH (God) requires of us is to always pray (I Timothy 2:1-5). As we listen to the leading of Holy Spirit and do what He requires of us on a daily basis, our prayers become effective in changing the world around us.